Hello, LJ here

Otherwise known as LJF photography and mostly known as 'MUM'.

I am relatively new to Oban having grown up in Inverness then moving on to Glasgow before arriving here in 2010 and starting a family.

Photography has had an influence on my life and family for a long time. My mother was a photography assistant in her younger years and my dad had a keen interest in photography and even went as far as buying darkroom equipment for the house. 

I was fortunate that the school I attended in Inverness (Charleston Academy) had some really brilliant art teachers one of whom was a keen film photographer. In those days (though they don't seem that long ago) photography was all about film. This is where my interest, my skills and my knowledge began. Our Art department added a darkroom and offered photography modules not commonly offered in schools then. 

Untitled photo

Meanwhile I was photographing weddings for friends and family. I was 15 years old when I took on my first wedding. All the photos were on film and all were black & white. They are still among some of my favourites. I now look to reproduce that feeling and glamour that came from film. I went on to study media in Inverness College then Glasgow Met which included photography along with TV production, lighting, sound, script writing, graphic design and editing. 

To keep pace with the digital age I returned to study Photoshop in Glasgow Met college where I was fortunate to have had world class photographers as mentors.

There are so many projects I look forward to undertaking. I have travelled far and I have had a diverse experience with photography.

My journey with photography continues, here's to capturing some moments for you. 

Thanks for reading :-) 


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