• California to Castle Duart

    On a stormy Monday I set sail for Mull headed for Castle Duart to photograph the wedding of Mr & Mrs Gardner all the way from a much sunier California.

    It always feels so intimate in the Castle especially with such a small wedding party. Once inside the thick stone walls that have long been the stronghold of the MacLeans the outside weather only added to the feeling of security and protection. For more info on Weddings at Castle Duart visit; https://duartcastle.com/weddings/choose-duart/

    The ceremony was relaxed and went very smoothly with Mull based registrar Andrew Penny. https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/marriage/

    Embracing each other and the day whatever the weather.

  • Wedding Cake

    Wedding cake has developed into something much sweeter in taste and meaning than it’s superstitious origins. Originally the Roman custom of breaking bread over the brides head was a bizarre act to ensure fertility and also show the power the man had over the woman. Times have moved on.

    Mr & Mrs Wilson (266 of 312)

    In Victorian times when baking developed from breads to cakes the fruit cake became a show of wealth and prosperity, the higher the cake the better to show an important social standing. When Queen Victoria used white icing on her cake it was then called ‘Royal Icing’.

    Tricia and Calum (12) LJF_4526

    It was once considered bad luck and rude not to eat the ‘brides cake’ often a glass ring was hidden in the cake for a bridesmaid or guest to find, they would be the next maiden to wed. Ribbons were often used to tie a ring on to the cake and each bridesmaid would pull a ribbon hoping to grab the ring and insure her future prospects. That custom has since been replaced by the tossing of the bouquet.

    Now it’s not uncommon to see carrot cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake, cakes of all shapes and sizes. Here are a few photographs of some from my recent weddings, all look too good to eat hence the reason I like to take some detailed photos so you can ‘have your cake and eat it’.

    Moore (68 of 81)
    Jenny & Grant (222 of 287) Jenny & Grant (223 of 287) Euan & Vikki (227 of 228) Donnelly (183 of 196) Donnelly (175 of 196)

    last but not least my own lovely lovely cake 🙂

    Thanks for popping by.


  • Wedding albums

    Depending on the package you will have an album included like the Coffee Table Book  or the upgrade to the heavier Bellissimo Perfetto album.

    Coffee Table Book

    This is a hardback album with heavyweight paper and high quality printing.

    Covers available in leatherette, linen and image wrap.

    Paisley pattern

    Charcoal, Antique White or Rose Gold, additional colours available.

    Linen and leatherette

    Lilac, charcoal, pink, blue, green and so on, contact for more options.


    Bellissimo Perfetto

    Seamless story book  album. Available in Acrylic, Aluminium, Image wrap, Leather, Leatherette, Harris Tweed, Linen, Paisley, Shimmer.


    Heavy duty card pages






    Parent copies are available as a downsized version of the original

  • Getting ready photos

    My full day package includes ‘getting ready photos’.

    I really enjoy this part of the day and although it can be an early start with hair and makeup starting as early as 9am. The excitement soon builds and the morning flies by.

    You will barely notice all the goings on as you concentrate on your big day, I’m there to capture all these moments and help you remember in years to come just how the day felt to you and those around you.

    blog 1

    I’m often rearranging the room to show off your dress, flowers, jewellery and all the details you have put so much effort into.

    blog 2
    Dickie (8 of 154)

    There’s usually some tears and some laughter as your nearest and dearest spend your last ‘single’ morning with you. Sometimes there is something I can lend a hand with and I’m usually helping to make sure everyone is relaxed and ready for the day ahead.
    Flower girls, bridesmaids, mother of the bride all have special role in making your wedding really memorable.

    All ready…

    Lockhart (112 of 388)

    Thank for popping by.. LJ xx

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